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Hi! again.

In Colombia 🇨🇴, where I come from, there ́s a traditional soup called SANCOCHO which is done with more than 25 ingredients that are not supposed to be together, such as potato, arracacha, chicken, pork, cilantro, corn and avocado. For me, it is the perfect synthesis of what creativity really is: not always an obvious recipe, but when you learn how to put all the right things together, the result is something remarkable.

That ́s a little sum up about me: i ́m a creative lead, skilled in design, user experience, advertising and integrated marketing, having more than 7 years on this unbelievable journey. Before that I came close to have a degree in psychology and the true is I can’t help being always making stuff.

I'm currently based in Buenos Aires and have been working as a Creative Director at Together W / Agency and as a Art direction Teacher at HAUS School, besides my personal project at Qeja Ediciones, an independent publisher, where I've been collaborating as Head of Art since 2018.

I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to work for local, regional and global brands in teams like FCB&FiRe, Argentina's Government and Furia Studio.

Feel free to contact me to collaborate with projects for small non-governmental or- ganizations, in benefit of causes such as Refugees or LGBTQ community rights.

Prizes & publications:

Lapiz de oro in film december - Buenos Aires, 2020
Art Basel Cities - Eternity, Maurizio Cattelan - Buenos Aires, 2018
Silver Young Lions design Argentina - Buenos Aires, 2017
Selection Best brand Chois Gallery Magazine. - Shangai, 2015
Colombian Anuary of illustration - Bogotá, 2014
Special Selection for Paper Fest France - Paris, 2013
Action by edding and Orbital “Ayudemos pintando” - Buenos Aires, 2013
Gold in Design FIDBA - Buenos Aires, 2012